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37th Global Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology, will be organized around the theme “Future Enhancement and Innovative Approaches in Smart Materials and Nanotechnology”

Smart Materials Expo 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Smart Materials Expo 2020

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Materials science additionally presents a test for theories in condensed remember physics. Materials are of the utmost importance for engineers, as the utilization of the appropriate materials is critical when designing systems. As a result, materials science is an increasingly essential phase of an engineer's education.

Materials physics is the use of physics to describe the physical residences of materials. It is a synthesis of bodily sciences such as chemistry, strong mechanics, solid state physics, and substances science.

Materials chemistry entails the use of chemistry for the sketch and synthesis of materials with fascinating or probably useful physical characteristics, such as magnetic, optical, structural or catalytic properties.



Smart materials, called also intelligent or responsive materials are designed materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress, moisture, electric or magnetic fields, light, temperature, pH, or chemical compounds. Smart materials are the basis of many applications, including sensors and actuators, or artificial muscles, particularly as electro active polymers

Terms used to describe smart materials include shape memory material (SMM) and shape memory technology (SMT)

There are a number of types of smart material, of which are already common. Some examples are as following:

  • Piezoelectric
  • Shape-memory alloys
  • optoelectronics
  • Electro active polymers
  • Magnetostrictive
  • Smart inorganic polymers
  •  pH-sensitive polymers
  •  Temperature-responsive polymers
  • Chromogenic systems
  • Ferro fluids
  • Photomechanical materials
  •  Polycaprolactone
  • Self-healing materials
  • Dielectric elastomers
  • Magnetocaloric materials
  •  Thermoelectric materials
  •  Chemo responsive materials





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  • Track 2-1Biosensor and Bio-electronic Materials
  • Track 2-2Materials for Green Technology
  • Track 2-3Optical Materials and Plasmonics
  • Track 2-4Areas of Nano science Research in Agriculture and Food Science

Ability of a nation to harness nature as well as its ability to cope up with the challenges posed by means of it is decided by using its whole know-how of substances and its ability to improve and produce them for a number of applications. Advanced Materials are at the coronary heart of many technological developments that touch our lives. Electronic substances for conversation and statistics technology, optical fibers, laser fibers sensors for clever environment, electricity substances for renewable electricity and environment, mild alloys for higher transportation, substances for strategic functions and more. Advanced materials have a wider function to play in the upcoming future years because of its multiple makes use of and can be of a increased help for whole humanity. The international market for conformal coating on electronics market the market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 7% from 2015 to 2020. The global market for polyurethanes has been developing at a CAGR (2016-2021) of 6.9%, pushed with the aid of a number software industries, such as, automotive; bedding and furniture; building and construction; packaging; electronics and footwear. In 2015, Asia-Pacific dominated the global polyurethanes market, followed by means of Europe and North America. BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Mitsui Chemicals, Nippon Polyurethanes, Trelleborg, Woodbridge are some of the main manufacturers of polyurethanes across regions.


Nano surgery is the time period that refers to surgical treatment that uses fast laser beams which are targeted via an goal microscope lens to exert a managed force to manipulate organelles and other subcellular structures .This particular technique permits for the destruction of a single cell except unfavourable  adjoining healthful cells. It permits precise ablation of cell and subcellular constructions without compromising telephone viability and with minimal damage to nearby cells.

Conventional Nano surgery makes use of optical tweezers that consists of beams of laser light .The narrowest point of the laser beam includes a strong electric powered subject gradient at the middle that attracts dielectric particles such that they go along the gradient towards the enabling the particles to be moved from one vicinity to another, besides ever touching them. The optical tweezers can be applied to organic substructures such as telephone nuclei and chromosomes. In combination with a scalpel, the optical tweezers permit for even higher precision for the duration of surgery.

Ultrafast laser nano surgery provides a high flux of photons that can be absorbed nonlinearly by the electrons.64 The quick length of the absorption process leads to speedy and environment friendly plasma technology at the focal factor of the beam, thereby presenting only a few Nano joules for subcellular shape ablation. Damage from this technique relies upon on the pulse intensity, whole number of pulses, and repetition price of the laser but the wavelength has very minimal effect Dissection effect on the tissue relies upon upon the density of free electrons.


 Materials Science and Engineering A affords an international medium for the publication of theoretical and experimental research related to the load-bearing capability of substances as influenced with the aid of their simple properties, processing history, microstructure and working environment. Appropriate submissions to Materials Science and Engineering A need to encompass scientific and/or engineering factors which have an effect on the microstructure - power relationships of materials and report the modifications to mechanical behavior.



 Note that a biomaterial is distinctive from a biological material, such as bone, that is produced by a biological system. Additionally, care be exercised in defining a biomaterial as biocompatible, given that it is application-specific. A biomaterial that is biocompatible or appropriate for one application may additionally not be biocompatible in another.


Material science has a wider range of purposes which includes ceramics, composites and polymer materials. Bonding in ceramics and glasses uses each covalent and ionic-covalent kinds with SiO2 as a simple building block. Ceramics are as soft as clay or as hard as stone and concrete. Usually, they are crystalline in form. Most glasses contain a metallic oxide fused with silica. Applications vary from structural elements such as steel-reinforced concrete, to the gorilla glass. Polymers are additionally an essential section of substances science. Polymers are the uncooked materials which are used to make what we usually call plastics. Specialty plastics are substances with different characteristics, such as ultra-high strength, electrical conductivity, electro-fluorescence, high thermal stability. Plastics are divided now not on the foundation of their material but on its properties and applications. The world market for carbon fiber reached $1.8 billion in 2014, and in addition the market is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR (2015 to 2020) of 11.4%, to attain $3.5 billion in 2020. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic market reached $17.3 billion in 2014, and similarly the market is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR (2015 to 2020) of 12.3%, to reach $34.2 billion in 2020. The opposition in the global carbon fiber and carbon fiber bolstered plastic market is extreme inside a few giant players, such as Toray Toho, Mitsubishi, Hexcel, Formosa, SGL carbon, Cytec, Aksa, Hyosung, Sabic, etc.


Nanomaterials are foundations of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanostructure science and innovation is an expansive and interdisciplinary territory of revolutionary work motion that has been becoming violently global in the preceding couple of years. It has the achievable for altering the guides in which materials and objects are made and the vary and nature of functionalities that can be gotten to.

Nanotechnology is the collaboration of the physics ,chemistry,biology,computer and two cloth sciences integrated with engineering entering the nanoscale.This skill science and engineering focused on making the particles,things and units at the atomic and molecular scale.The Study of the Controlling of Matter on a nuclear and sub-atomic scale. For the most phase Nanotechnology Deals with Structures Sized between 1 to one hundred Nanometer in no less than one Dimension, and includes creating or adjusting materials or gadgets inside that size.

Neuroengineering focuses on the development of artificial devices and novel substances to be functionally and structurally interfaced with the central fearful gadget (CNS). Today, there is the expectation that substances science and nanotechnology will be able to address these challenges and lead to breakthroughs at the stage of the interfaces between artificial transducers/actuators and residing cells. Nanoparticles are in a position to penetrate the BBB of in vitro and in vivo models; and consequently can be used to develop diagnostic tools as nicely as nano-enabled shipping systems that can bypass the BBB in order to facilitate traditional and novel neurotherapeutic interventions such as drug therapy, gene therapy, and tissue regeneration.

 Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology publishes original manuscripts, full-length/mini reviews, thematic issues, speedy technical notes and commentaries that grant insights into the synthesis, characterisation and pharmaceutical (or diagnostic) application of substances at the nanoscale. The nanoscale is defined as a measurement range of below 1 µm. Scientific findings related to micro and macro systems with performance residing within facets described at the nanoscale are additionally inside the scope of the journal. Manuscripts detailing the synthesis, exhaustive characterisation, biological evaluation, medical testing and/ or toxicological evaluation of nanomaterials are of particular pastime to the journal’s readership. Articles ought to be self contained, centred around a properly based speculation and ought to purpose to exhibit the pharmaceutical/ diagnostic implications of the nanotechnology approach. Manuscripts need to aim, anyplace possible, to demonstrate the in vivo have an effect on of any nanotechnological intervention. As reducing a fabric to the nanoscale is capable of essentially altering the material’s properties, the journal’s readership is especially involved in new characterisation strategies and the advanced properties that originate from this measurement reduction.

The utility of nanotech in the clinical field is frequently termed “nanomedicine” and includes the use of nanomaterials, nano-scale biological devices, and nanoelectric biosensors to help with diagnostics, analytical equipment and two therapy therapies, among others.

Since nanotechnology is capable to improve prognosis and focuses greater on nanoscale interactions within individual cells, nanomedicine can be engineered to assist the body to restore or replace lost or damaged tissue as an alternative than to spoil and exchange it with nonbiological fabric


 Nanotechnology is used in many communications, computing and electronic applications, It offers faster, smaller and extra portable systems, These structures can manipulate and store larger and larger amounts of information.

Nano electronics two imply the use of nanotechnology in electronic two components, two there are many purposes such as computing and electronic merchandise include Flash reminiscence chips for iPod nanos , antimicrobial and antibacterial coatings on the two mouse, the keyboard, and the phone telephone castings .

The goal of nano electronics is to process, transmit and keep statistics via taking benefits of houses of matter that are noticeably one-of-a-kind from macroscopic properties.


Ceramic engineering is the science and science of developing objects from inorganic, non-metallic materials. This is achieved both with the aid of the motion of heat, or at lower temperatures the usage of precipitation reactions from high-purity chemical solutions. The word Ceramics covers inorganic, non metallic, strong substances that have been hardened via baking at a excessive temperature. The most vital of these had been the regular clays, made into pottery, dinnerware, bricks, and tiles. Ceramics have high hardness, high compressive strength, and chemical inertness.


  • Ceramic Forming Techniques
  • Ceramic Processing steps
  • Ceramics Applications in Aerospace Industry
  • Transparent Ceramics

Nanotechnology is the collaboration of the physics, chemistry, biology, computer and cloth sciences integrated with engineering getting into the nanoscale. This skill science and engineering targeted on making the particles, things, and units at the atomic and molecular scale. The Study of the Controlling of Matter on a nuclear and sub-atomic scale. For the most part, Nanotechnology Deals with Structures Sized between 1 to 100 Nanometer in no less than one Dimension and consists of growing or adjusting materials or gadgets interior that size.

  • Quantum dots, Carbon dots
  • Energy Applications of Nanotechnology
  • Potential Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
  •  Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites
  • Industrial Applications of Nanotechnology
  • Green Nanotechnology
  •  Nanophotonics


An electric powered battery ought to be a machine consisting of single or a lot of chemical science cells with external connections furnished to electricity electrical units like flashlights, smartphones, and electrical cars. Once electric battery is undertaking electrical power, its positive terminal is that the cathode and its terrible terminal is that the anode. The terminal marked bad is that the grant of electrons that once related to Associate in exterior circuit can go with the flow Associate in supply strength to an external device.

Materials companion degreed power balances rectangular measure accounting tables that offer info on the cloth enter into an economic system delivered via the herbal surroundings, the transformation and use of that input in monetary strategies (extraction, conversion, producing, consumption) and its come to the herbal environment as residuals (wastes).

The accounting thoughts worried rectangular measure primarily based on the most important regulation of physical science, that states that remember (mass/energy) is neither created nor destroyed by using any physical method. Growing energy wishes of the us of a need accelerated efforts on growing substances and technologies that target electricity generation, electricity harvest home, strength conversion and strength storage.


Computational Materials Science goals to augment the communication between tentative materials investigation and computational effort on each surviving and fresh innovative substances and their applications. It circulates articles of interest to physicists, chemists and materials researchers and engineers and to other scientists convoluted by way of skill of computational modelling and substances phenomena. Computational methods already play a important part in various substances analyses and will individually come to be extra persistent as laptop manage progresses in the many years ahead. The improvement and utility of techniques are engaged to compute the atomic and digital shape of materials. Computational Materials Science also leveraging novel enlargements in statistics and computer expertise to apprehend composite simulations and accelerate the scheme of materials. Finite Element Method (FEM) is the highest beneficial computational approach for materials associated layout at structural level. Current presentations encompass substances for digital applications, nano-electromechanics and energy. Computational materials science includes computational equipments for resolving substances related problems.

  • Nano computation of mechanical properties in Nanobiomembrane
  • Materials with Controlled Nano structural architecture
  • Methods for the development of Computational Materials
  • Computational studies of Nanoscale materials
  • Nano biomaterials & Nano mechanics

Nanostructured Materials (NSM) are Advanced substances with a microstructure the trademark length measurement of which is on the request of a couple (commonly 1–10) nanometers. NSM would possibly be in or some distance from thermodynamic harmony. Nanostructured Materials combined by supramolecular science are instances of Nanostructured Materials in thermodynamic harmony. Nanostructured Materials comprising of nanometer-sized crystallites (e.g. of Au or NaCl) with quite a number crystallographic introductions or doubtlessly artificial creations are a long way from thermodynamic harmony.

  • Nanofibers
  • Nanotubes and Nanowires
  • Quantum Dots
  • Nanofluidies
  • Nanosprings