Sensors, Transducers & Actuators

A transducer may be a device which converts one sort of energy into another. An actuator may be a device that converts energy into motion. Therefore, it's a selected sort of a transducer. When the output of the transducer is converted to a readable format, the transducer is named a sensor.

When it gets a control signal, an actuator reacts by converting the source's energy into mechanical motion. Inside the electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic sense, it can be a shape of computerization or automatic control. An actuator can be a mechanism by which a control system acts upon to perform an operation or task. Modelling Piezoelectric Actuators Amplified Piezo Actuation – Internal and External Amplifications, Magnetostrictive Actuation, Joule Effect, Wiedemann Effect, Magnetovolume Effect, Magnetostrictive Mini Actuators, IPMC and Polymeric Actuators, Shape Memory Actuators, Active Vibration Control, Active Shape Control, Passive Vibration Control, Hybrid Vibration Control.

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